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The theme for the 20th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium is "C2, Cyber, and Trust." This year's theme provides an opportunity to address the challenges of an evolving cyber environment and the critical role that trust plays in each of the three network genres (social, information, and communications) that impact command and control. More networked enabled and more agile C2 requires the development of appropriate levels of shared awareness. This, in turn, depends upon the ability to ensure timely information flows that span organizational components and the range of participating entities. Among the questions to be addressed are - What evidence has been found to date that describes the impact of trust on C2 network behaviors and agility? How can trust be measured? Do trust-related impacts cascade across the network genres? Can improving trust in the social network compensate for a lack of trust in the communications and information networks? This theme will be explored in plenary presentations and panels as well as in the track discussion periods.


Topic 1: Concepts, Theory, and Policy

Topic 2: Organizational Concepts and Approaches

Topic 3: Data, Information, and Knowledge

Topic 4: Experimentation, Metrics, and Analysis

Topic 5: Modeling and Simulation

Topic 6: Cyberspace, Communications, and Information Networks

Topic 7: Autonomy

Topic 8: Social Media

Topic 9: C2-Simulation Interoperability

Topic 10: Operational Issues

Topic 11: Agile C2 Security

Topic 12: ISR for Decision Making