Topic 5: Modeling and Simulation

This topic encompasses models and simulations that represent emergent behaviors in C2.

Paper 008

Abstract Title:  Evolutionary Development of Command and Control Systems of Systems Simulations
Point of Contact (POC):  Mary Ann Cummings
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 540 653 5419
POC Organization: NSWCDD
Country: US
Authors: Mary Ann Cummings, Clint Winfrey

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Paper 059

Abstract Title: Augmenting synthetic data for operational assessment of text analytics technologies

Point of Contact (POC): Heather Roy

POC Email Address:

POC Phone Number: 410-278-3011

POC Organization: Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

Country: U.S.A.

Authors: Roy, Heather-ARL; Kase, Sue-ARL; Foppiano, Suzanne-ARL; Knight, Joanne-CERDEC

Abstract: Real-world data obtained in operational environments provides the most realistic set of data for testing and evaluating information extraction technologies. Such data can provide insight into the actual characteristics of both human and sensor information during operations. The challenges of experimentation with real-world operational data, however, entail not only lack of precise knowledge of “ground truth” but also lack of repeatability; a necessary factor in varying test conditions. Moreover, operational data typically involves classification restrictions due to methods of collection, procedures for processing, and tactical sensitivities related to the sources and objects of interest. These challenges, combined with an increase in the development of automated information processing technologies, are fueling an emerging demand for operationally-realistic datasets for benchmarking. One approach to meeting this demand is the creation of synthetic datasets, which are as operationally-realistic as possible yet unclassified in content. The paper describes the augmentation of a synthetic dataset initially developed through academic research collaborations with the Army. The dataset, in its original form, mimics text messages acquired by means of a tactical intelligence effort within a counter-insurgency (COIN) domain. Our intention is to transform this dataset for the purposes of evaluating newly-developed automated information extraction technologies. We discuss this ongoing dataset transformation effort from the perspective of gold standard creation, size extension, and content modification. The dataset transformation begins with ground truthing using an Army-approved social network analysis tool. Next, the number of text messages is expanded by merging and refitting geolocations contained in messages from an unclassified dataset originally developed by the National Security Agency (NSA). As a final step, the individual message content is restructured to better characterize Army-derived operational and tactical intelligence. The paper concludes by proposing a design for a graduated set of testing criteria for automated information extraction techniques based on a triangulation of methods for creating ground truth datasets.

Paper 077

Abstract Title: System Dynamics Modelling of Situation Awareness
Point of Contact (POC): Rudolph Oosthuizen
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: +27 82 733 6355
POC Organization: CSIR
Country: South Africa
Authors: Rudolph Oosthuizen - CSIR
Leon Pretorius - University of Pretoria

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Paper 083

Abstract Title: Inter-operating wargame simulations
Point of Contact (POC): Pier Taranti
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 00552122370248
POC Organization: Centro de Analises de Sistemas Navais (Brazilian Navy)
Country: Brazil
Authors: Taranti, Pier - Centro de Analises de Sistemas Navais/Brazilian Navy (CASNAV/Brazil)
Choren, Ricardo - Instituto Militar de Engenharia/Brazilian Army (IME/Brazil)
McBurney, Peter - Kings College London (KCL/UK)
Lucena, Carlos - Pontificial Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio/Brazil)
Luck, Michael - Kings College London (KCL/UK)

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