Codes of Best Practice

The following is a list of four publications that contains the codes of best practice.


The NATO Code of Best Practice for C2 Assessment

NATO SAS-026, 039 | 2002

Download: PDF [1.7M] | Analyst's Guide [1.0M] | Decisionmaker's Guide [1.0M]

Analysts will be increasingly called upon to examine the impact of new information-related capabilities coupled with new ways of organising and operating in a new environment with reduced levels of fog and friction.

Code of Best Practice for Experimentation

David S. Alberts, Richard E. Hayes, et al. | 2002

Download: PDF [4.2M]

Experimentation is the lynch pin in the DoD's strategy for transformation. Without a proper program of experimentation, the DoD will not be able to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the Information Age.

NATO NEC C2 Maturity Model

SAS-065 | 2010

Download: PDF [4.68M]

The NATO NEC C2 Maturity Model (N2C2M2) was developed to build on dearly won insights from the past, but goes beyond them in order that we can exploit Information Age approaches to address new mission challenges. This way of thinking about C2 is thus entirely compatible with current NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) thinking on Future Capable Forces which puts the emphasis on Mission Command within federated complex environments and ad hoc coalitions. The N2C2M2 was developed by the RTO SAS-065 Research Task Group over a period of about three years. It starts by defining a number of C2 approaches, ranging from Conflicted C2 to Edge C2, that correspond to different regions within the C2 Approach Space, containing the different possible approaches to accomplish the functions that are associated with command and control. This approach space can be viewed from two perspectives. First, it can be used to think about C2 within existing organizations. Second, it can be used to think about how a disparate set of independent (yet inter-dependent) entities, that is, a collective, can achieve focus and convergence.

Campaigns of Experimentation

David S. Alberts and Richard E. Hayes | 2005

Download: PDF [1.5M]

In this follow-on to the COBP for Experimentation, the concept of a campaign of experimentation is explored in detail, including the need and place for campaigns in transformation, evolution, and achievement of innovation.