C2 Agility


The Agility Advantage: A Survival Guide
For Complex Enterprises and Endeavors

David S. Alberts | 2011
Download: PDF [9.6M]

This book is a call to action. It is no longer sufficient for an organization to simply be effective. Today’s organizations must also develop agility in order to successfully cope with the complex challenges they face in a dynamic and uncertain world. This book explains why agility, once a nice-to-have capability, is now an imperative. Readers are provided with an in-depth understanding of this essential capability, its enablers and inhibitors, and ways to visualize and measure agility. Experimental results are used to illustrate the agility advantage as well as the adverse consequences of a lack of agility. This book outlines a plan to improve an organization’s agility, and identifies the research needed to improve our understanding of agility.

C2 Agility Tutorial

The C2 Agility Tutorial is an introduction to C2 agility that explains the concept of C2 agility, why it is a critical capability, and what the implications are for command and control

C2 by Design - Handbook

The C2 by Design Handbook is for putting command and control agility theory into practice

SAS-085 Final Report

SAS-085 was formed to improve the understanding of C2 Agility and assess its importance to NATO.