Track 8

Sessions 14C 15C

Information and Knowledge Systems

Chairs: – Greg Robinson and Mark Miller 

Session 14C

Paper 17 Frank Johnsen and Ida Frøseth - SMART II: Android apps, cloud computing and mobile device management as enablers for efficient operations paper presentation

Paper 23 Hans-Christian Schmitz, Alessia Cornaggia-Urrigshardt, Fahrettin Goekgoez, Samantha Kent and Kevin Wilkinghoff - Calm interfaces for integrated C2 systems paper presentation

Session 15C

Paper 8 Timothy Darr, Richard Mayer, R. David Jones, Timothy Ramey, Ryder Smith and Chris Zimmerman - Quantum Probability Models for Decision Making paper presentation

Paper 71 Andrew Zschorn, Hing-Wah Kwok and Wolfgang Mayer Microservice API design to support C2 semantic integration paper presentation

Paper 53 Nina Machado Figueira, Angelo Marcio Cardoso Ribeiro Borzino and Marlos De Mendonca Correa - C4ISTAR in Brazilian border security – a proposal of a Mobile Surveillance Network to integrate Brazilian Army Defense System paper presentation