Track 6

Sessions 14A 15A

Interoperability, Integration and Security

Chair: Kevin Galvin

Session 14A

Paper 2 Russell Bryant Jr - Balancing Cyber Risk and Investment with Mission Execution and Success – Are Improvements Available? – Balance Factors’ Discussion and Suggestions paper presentation

Paper 31 George Galdorisi, Jose Carreno and Paul Shigley - Ensuring Allies and Coalition Partners Can Leverage C4ISR Technologies to Manage Cyber Risk to Mission paper presentation

Session 15A

Paper 33 J Mark Pullen, Brian Wardman and James Ruth Experimental Evaluation of a Command and Control – Simulation Interoperation Standard in a Coalition Environment paper presentation

Paper 48 Anderson Ferreira De Oliveira, Tomas Aquino Botelho and Manoel Pedro Sá - Command and Control Interoperability Middleware Architecture (INTERC2) paper presentation

Paper 27 Adam Brook, Brian Wardman, Kevin Galvin and Deryck Arnold - Implementing a Prototype Reach-back Capability for Decision Support in Multi-domain and Coalition Operations paper presentation