Track 6

Session 12C

Interoperability, Integration, and Security

Chair:  Marco Manso and Frank-Trethan Johnsen

Paper 17 - J. Mark Pullen and James Ruth - Training Operational Military Organizations in a Cyber-active Environment Using C2-Simulation Interoperation paper presentation

Paper 19 - Simo Huopio - Thou shalt not fail - Targeting Lifecycle-Long Robustness while being vigilant for the Black Swans paper presentation

Paper 25 - Adam Brook and Kevin Galvin - A Framework for Advanced Decision Support in Multi-domain and Coalition Operations paper presentation

Paper 33 - George Galdorisi and Stephanie Hszieh - Command and Control for the Global Network of Navies paper presentation

Paper 53 - Lorenzo Campioni, Roberto Fronteddu, Rita Lenzi, Mattia Mantovani, Alessandro Morelli, Filippo Poltronieri, Cesare Stefanelli, Niranjan Suri and Mauro Tortonesi - Efficient and Secure Multi-domain Information Sharing in Tactical Networks paper presentation