Track 3

Session 8C

Battlefields of the Future and the Internet of Intelligent Things

Chair:  Russell Bryant

Paper 16 - Zhuyun Duanmu, Xiaobin Mao and Heng Wang - The conceptual model of agile command and control system paper presentation

Paper 22 - Magdalena Granåsen, Per Barius, Niklas Hallberg and Anders Josefsson - Exploring Mission Command in a Concept for Future Command and Control - A Small State Perspective paper presentation

Paper 24 - Tim Lamballais Tessensohn, Bob van der Vecht and Aletta Eikelboom - How to cooperate with intelligent machines: Lessons for defense operations from the integration of AI and robotics across multiple domains paper presentation

Paper 31 - Frank Johnsen, Trude Bloebaum, Marianne Brannsten and Ketil Lund - Using Open Standards for Utilizing IoT Sensors in a Smart City Scenario paper presentation

Paper 52 - Filippo Poltronieri, Cesare Stefanelli, Niranjan Suri and Mauro Tortonesi - Analyzing and Evaluating Information-Centric and Value-based Fog Service Architectures in Military Environments: The Phileas Simulator paper presentation