Track 10

Session 12B

Cyberspace Challenges

Chair:  Richard Metzger

Paper 2 - David Alberts - C2 of Cyberspace Operations: Is a New C2 Approach Required? paper presentation

Paper 10 - Carissa Hall and Neil Rowe - Options for persistence of cyberweapons paper presentation

Paper 11 - Patrick Guerin, Ken Teske and Mark Miller - A Methodology for Managing Multiple, Complex, C2-Enabling, Cybersecurity Research and Development Efforts paper presentation

Paper 15 - Jonathan Agre, Ronald Bechtold, Karen Gordon and Marius Vassiliou - IT Asset Management for Cyber Defense paper presentation

Paper 87 - Blake Martin, Kristy Kay, Lisa Tripp, Kent Halverson, Lisa Lucia and David Bryant - Multi-Modal Measurement for Intelligence Analyst Cell Size Optimization paper presentation