Topic 11: Agile C2 Security

This topic addresses the design, development and operation of composable, reconfigurable, and resilient security systems in C2 cyberspace.

Paper 034

Title: Security Engineering in a System of Systems Environment
Point of Contact (POC): George Rebovich
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 781-271-8503
POC Organization: The MITRE Corporation
Country: USA
Authors: Rebovich, George - The MITRE Corporation
Dahmann, Judith - The MITRE Corporation
Turner, Glenda - The MITRE Corporation

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Paper 072

Title: Operational Maneuver Warfare in Cyberspace
Point of Contact (POC):  Jess Simpson
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number:  571 212 0297
POC Organization:  Volant Associates, LLC.
Country: USA
Authors:  Jeff Simpson

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Paper 084 / Track 11

Title: Integrated Adaptive Cyberspace Defense - Secure Orchestration
Point of Contact (POC): Keith D. Willett
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 410-854-0409
POC Organization: National Security Agency
Country: USA
Authors: Keith D. Willett

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Paper 085

Title: Theoretical Model for Cybersecurity: Using Socially-Aware Purposeful Agent and Reflexive Game Theory
Point of Contact (POC): Kofi Nyamekye
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 314-705-1565
POC Organization: Integrated Activity-Based Simulation Research, Inc.
Country: USA
Authors: Kofi Nyamekye

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Paper 105

Title: Introduction to Agile Security Concepts and Fundamentals, with C2 Implications
Point of Contact (POC): Rick Dove
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 575-586-1536
POC Organization: Paradigm Shift International
Country: USA
Authors:Rick Dove

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