19th ICCRTS Proceedings 

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Best Paper Award

The best paper award goes to paper number: 081.
Title: Using Causal Models to Manage the Cyber Threat to C2 Agility: Working with the Benefit of Hindsight
By: A. Barnett, S. R. Smith, and R. P. Whittington
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Best Paper Nominations

Track 1: Concepts, Theory, and Policy
Paper: 119
Title: What are the Real Risks of Knowing and Not Knowing - Leading Knowledge in Cyber
By: Simon Reay Atkinson, Amanda Goodger, Steve Lesher, Nicholas Caldwell, Jodi Steel, Dale Shoupe
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Track 2: Organizational Concepts and Approaches
Paper: 114
Title: Reconciling Hierarchical and Edge Organizations: 9-11 revisited
By: Tim Grant
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Track 3: Data, Information, and Knowledge
Paper: 113
Title: Issues in “Big-Data” Database Systems 
By: Jack Orenstein, Marius S. Vassiliou
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Track 4: Experimentation, Metrics, and Analysis
Paper: 008
Paper Title: Empirical Agility
By: Richard E. (Dick) Hayes
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Track 5: Modelling and Simulation
Paper: 083
Title: The Situation Awareness Weighted Network (SAWN) Model
By: Irena Ali, Alex Kalloniatis, Elizabeth Kohn, Phuong La, Iain Macleod, Timothy Neville, and Mathew Zuparic
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Track 6: Cyberspace, Communications, and Information Networks
Paper: 081
Title: Using causal models to manage the cyber threat to C2 agility: working with the benefit of hindsight
By: A. Barnett, S. R. Smith, and R. P. Whittington
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Track 7: Autonomy
Paper: 080
Title: Decision allocation of C2 system based on ULMADM
By: Liu Yuefeng, Chen Shaodong and Kong Fan'e
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Track 8: Social Media
Paper: 115
Title: Graph Analyzer Widget Closer to Agility through Sense-Making
By: Valerie Lavigne, Regine Lecocq, Etienne Martineau and Marielle Mokhtari
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Track 9: C2-Simulation Interoperability
Title: The Best of All Possible Worlds: Applying the Model Driven Architecture Approach to a JC3IEDM OWL Ontology Modeled in UML
By: Francisco Loaiza, Steve Wartik, John Thompson, Dale Visser and Edward Kenschaft
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