Track 8

Sessions 8A and 13C

Methodology, Experimentation, Analysis, Assessment, and Metrics

Chair:  Patrick Guerin

Paper 9 - Andrew Sollish, Neil Rowe, Sean Everton and N. Wayne Porter - Finding correlations between ship positions paper presentation

Paper 20 - Rudolph Oosthuizen, Cobus Venter and Chris Serfontein - Model Bases Systems Engineering Process for Complex Command and Control Systems paper presentation

Paper 21 - Rachna Lorke, Greg Judd, Vanja Radenovic and Peter Boyd - Investigating the C2 benefits of dynamic and autonomous information prioritization and control over disrupted, intermittent and limited tactical edge networks paper presentation

Paper 50 - Richard McCourt and Ahmed Ghanmi - On the Use of Topic Modeling for Lessons Learned Analysis paper presentation 

Paper 87 - Blake Martin, Kristy, Lisa Tripp, Kent Halverson, Lisa Lucia, and David Bryant - Multi-Modal Measurement for Intelligence Analyst Cell size Optimization paper presentation