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Best Paper Nominations

(5) Francois Rheaume - Risk-based cyber mission assurance model, process and metrics

(36) Anders Josefsson, Björn Marcusson, Joseph Anderson and Arne Norlander - Mission Command when waging cyber operations - BEST PAPER

(11) Shaun Ball, Carien Van'T Wout and Rudolph Oosthuizen - A Framework for Implementing a Data Science Capability in a Military Intelligence System

(12) Rudolph Oosthuizen and Carien Van'T Wout - A Sociotechnical System Perspective on Artificial Intelligence Implementation for Modern Intelligence Systems

(40) Kevin Chan, Gregory Judd, Claudia Szabo, Vanja Radenovic, Peter Boyd and Kelvin Marcus - Networked information transfer strategies for Multidomain Command and Control

(48) Anderson Ferreira De Oliveira, Tomas Aquino Botelho and Manoel Pedro Sá - Command and Control Interoperability Middleware Architecture (INTERC2

(65) Ritu Gill, Judith van de Kuijt, Magnus Rossell and Ronnie Johansson - Disinformation in the Cyber Domain: Detection, Impact, and Counter-Strategies

(71) Andrew Zschorn, Hing-Wah Kwok and Wolfgang Mayer - Microservice API design to support C2 semantic integration

(15) Frank Johnsen, Trude Bloebaum, Norman Jansen, Gerome Bovet, Marco Manso, Andrew Toth and Kevin Chan - Evaluating Publish/Subscribe Standards for Situational Awareness using Realistic Radio Models and Emulated Testbed

(29) Marius Vassiliou - C2 in the Mafia