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Plenary Sessions

23rd ICCRTS Welcome - presentation

Multi-Domain C2 Challenges - David S. Alberts, Senior Fellow, IDA - presentation

Cyber Risk to Mission - John J. Garstka, Director Cyber, OUSD(A&S) I&IPM - presentation

Cost of C2 in Multi-Domain Operations: NATO Perspective - Leah Treppel, Comptroller, NATO Special Operations Headquarters - presentation

Panel on Multi-Domain C2: International Perspectives

The Children of Colossus: The Lost History of Cybernetics… and Why it Matters in C2 Today - Colin Williams, Software Box Ltd, University of Warwick, and De Montfort University - presentation

Panel on Explainable Artificial intelligence

Multi-Domain C2: A Progress Report and Call for Participation - NATO Research Group SAS-143 - presentation