2017 ICCRTS Track Sessions Menu


Track 1: Operational Issues: Coalition Command and Control (Ken Teske)

Track 2  (page 1) and Track 2 (page 2): C2 Concepts, Theory, Policy, and Approaches (Rick Metzger, Aletta Eikelboom, Ingrid van Bemmel)

Track 3: Implications of the Internet of Intelligent Things (Niranjan Suri)

Track 4: Cognitive and Socio-technical Challenges (Elizabeth Bowman)

Track 5: Highly Connected, Automated, and Autonomous Forces (Marco Manso, Frank Johnsen)

Track 6: Interoperability, Integration and Security  (Mark Pullen)

Track 7: Human Information Interaction  (Adrienne Ragin)

Track 8: Methodology, Experimentation, Analysis, Assessment and Metrics (Alexander Kalloniatis)

Track 9: Battlefields of the Future (Bryant Russell) Track

Track 10: KSCO  (Austin Tate)