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Best Paper

009 - Juha Kukkola, Juha-Pekka Nikkarila and Mari Ristolainen, Asymmetric frontlines of cyber battlefields

Best Paper Nominees

012 - John Hawley, Michael Swehla, Mark Huron and Troy Smith, The New Equipment is Here, Now Comes the Hard Part: Cognitive and Sociotechnical Challenges in Network-Enabled Mission Command

022 -   Olivier Meyer, Hans-Christian Schmitz, Nico Bau, Christophe Bulach, Frédéric Gallesio and Michael Gerz, MIP Solutions for Civil-Military Cooperation

027 -   Derrik Asher, Justine Caylor, Mark Mittrick, John Richardson, Eric Heilman, Elizabeth Bowman, Boleslaw Szymanski and Gyorgy Korniss, The Investigation of Social Media Data Thresholds for Opinion Formation

062 - Per Wikberg, Josephine Sassen-Van Meer, Jessica Ward-King, Björn Johansson, Martin Yelle and Jennifer Peach, Human and organizational adaptability and agility in the military organizations: Perspectives from Sweden, the Netherlands, and Canada.

071 -   George Galdorisi, Stephanie Hszieh and John Morrison, Command and Control for the Global Network of Navies

112 - Rick McCourt, Ahmed Ghanmi and Irene Collin, Human Information Interaction in a Joint Electro-Magnetic Spectrum Coordination Cell

118 -  Karen Myers, Tim Ellis, Tancrede Lepoint, Ronald Moore, David Archer, Grit Denker, Steve Lu, Stephen Magill and Rafail Ostrovsky, Privacy Technologies for Controlled Information Sharing in Coalition Operations

143 -  Mark Allison, Towards UAV Collaborative Search Using Probabilistic Finite State Machines