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C2 in a Complex Connected Battlespace

The theme for the 21st ICCRTS is “C2 in a Complex Connected Battlespace”.  It is intended to provide an opportunity to discuss the challenges associated with operating in a cyber-contested multi-dimensional battlespace characterized by a high level of connectivity and inter-dependence.  In such battlespace, the omnipresence of interconnected smart/intelligent applications and devices, some with varying degrees of autonomy, will directly impact the way C2 is conducted.  These networked devices will provide opportunities for improving the battlespace situational understanding and stretch out the spectrum of potential effects that can be used to achieve commander’s intent.  This multi-dimensional environment will also require considerable C2 and operational agility in order to manoeuvre effectively, especially given the variety of actors from different organisations, each with their own evolving purposes and interconnections.

The 21st ICCRTS will contribute to improve our understanding of C2 challenges associated with operations conducted in a “Connected Complex Battlespace”.  It will look at the role of information and influence and the use of information technologies to effectively and efficiently support the accomplishment of C2 functions in highly contested environments. This year’s ICCRTS will address questions such as: What are the C2 challenges associated with operating in an extremely connected environment (such as large urban environments), where information is flowing widely and rapidly and influence activities are being executed skillfully by multiple actors?  How will the Internet of Things (IoT) affect the battlespace from the multiple perspectives of Joint, Interagency, Multi-National, and Public?  What are the challenges associated with the management of national and coalition activities in the multi-dimensional battlespace (including land, sea, air, space, electromagnetic spectrum, information, time and human/social) in such connected environments?  What C2 approaches are more relevant, and how can they be operationalised in this environment e.g. mission command?

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