Topic 7: Autonomy

This topic addresses the issues related to the integration of autonomous entities, human and agent-based, into organizations, processes, and systems.

Paper 016

Abstract Title: Mission Analysis and Anomaly Detection Under Supervised Autonomy Using Reinforcement Learning
Point of Contact (POC): Gavin Taylor
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 410 293 6816
POC Organization: US Naval Academy
Country: US
Authors: Dr. Gavin Taylor, MIDN Kawika Barabin, and MIDN Kent Sayre

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Paper 027

Title: Command and Control in Network-Centric Operations: Trust and Robot Autonomy
Point of Contact (POC): Kristin E. Schaefer
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 410 278 5972
POC Organization: US Army Research Laboratory
Country: US
Authors: Kristin E. Schaefer, Susan G. Hill, A. W. Evans III

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Paper 063

Title: Optimizing the Human Element in the Age of Autonomy
Point of Contact (POC): Rachel Volner
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 619 553 6758
POC Organization: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific
Country: USA
Authors: Dr. Vladimir Djapic, Captain George Galdorisi (U.S. Navy - Retired), Ms. Jennifer Pels, Ms. Maria Olinda Rodas, Ms. Rachel Volner

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