Topic 6: Cyberspace, Communications, and Information Networks

The topic addresses the management of cyberspace and the design, development, fielding, operations (including protection and assurance) of communications and information networks.

Paper 006

Title: An Iterative Blind Detection Algorithm for PSK Modulations
Point of Contact (POC): Nicholas Johnson
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 619-553-2119, 850-572-0622
POC Organization: SPAWAR Systems Center
Country: USA
Authors: Nicholas Johnson, Michael Civerolo, Nicholas Lumsden

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Paper 031

Title: PISA: Platform Independent Sensor Application
Point of Contact (POC): Frank Johnsen
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: +47-63807960
POC Organization: Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)
Country: Norway
Authors: Krog, Michael A. - University Graduate Centre (UNIK), Norway
Johnsen, Frank T. - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)
Bloebaum, Trude H. - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)
Brannsten, Marianne R. - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)
Reitan, Bård K. - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)

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Paper 051

Title: Building a Trusted and Agile Supply Chain Network for Electronic Hardware
Point of Contact (POC): Zachary A. Collier
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 601-634-7570
POC Organization: US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
Country: USA
Authors: Zachary A. Collier, Daniel DiMase, Kenneth Heffner, Igor Linkov

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Paper 058

Title: Implementing Covert Communication Networks on Gunther-Hartnell Clique Graph Topologies
Point of Contact (POC): Timothy Nix
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 845-938-3050
POC Organization: United States Military Academy
Country: USA
Authors: Timothy Nix and Riccardo Bettati

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Paper 065

Title: Instantiating the Global Maritime Partnership
Point of Contact (POC): Jennifer M. Pels
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 619 553 2104
POC Organization: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific
Country: USA
Authors: Captain George Galdorisi, (USN-retired), Ms. Amanda George, Mr. George Green, Dr. Stephanie Hszieh, Ms. Jennifer M. Pels

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Paper 074

Title: A framework to support the development of Cyber Resiliency with Situational Awareness Capability
Point of Contact (POC): EDGAR YANO
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: +5512981318779
POC Organization: ITA, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica
Country: Brazil
Authors: Yano, Edgar - ITA, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, Brazil
Abreu, Welton - ITA Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, Brazil
Åhlfeldt, Rose-Mharie - University of Skövde, Sweden
Gustavsson, Per - Combitech, Sweden / Swedish National Defence College / George Mason University, USA

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Paper 117

Title: Interoperabilty, Speaking the same language via tactical data link systems
Point of Contact (POC): Erdem HEKİMHAN
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: +905065008313
POC Organization: Turkish Air War College
Country: Turkey
Authors: Hekimhan, Erdem - Turkish Air War College
Ozkaynak, Savas - Turkish Air War College

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Paper 134

Title: Suitability of Free Space Optical Communication in Military Environments
Point of Contact (POC): Charles Prince
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 831.656.2073
POC Organization: Naval Postgraduate School
Country: United States of America
Authors: Charles Prince

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