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Topic 2: Organizational Concepts and Approaches

This topic examines designing, analyzing, and implementing various approaches that are designed to develop shared intent, awareness and understanding and facilitate collective action (e.g., C2, management, governance, self-synchronization, emergent behaviors)

Paper 023

Title: Exploring Tipping Points and State Transitions in Composite Networks
Point of Contact (POC): David Alberts
POC Email Address: dalberts@ida.org
POC Phone Number: 703 845 2411
POC Organization: IDA
Country: US
Authors: Lisa Scott - Army Research Laboratory
David S. Alberts - Institute for Defense Analyses

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Paper 025

Title: The Transition from Intelligence Cycle to Intelligence Process: “Network-Centric Intelligence in Narrow Seas”
Point of Contact (POC): Engin BÜKER
POC Email Address: enginbuker@gmail.com
POC Phone Number: +905327775547
POC Organization: Turkish Naval War College
Country: Turkey
Authors: Engin BÜKER, Turkish Naval War College

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Paper 041

Title: Adopting Emerging Technology to Enhance Organizational Performance
Point of Contact (POC): Ms. Amanda George
POC Email Address: Amanda.george@navy.mil
POC Phone Number: 619 553 2066
POC Organization: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific
Country: US
Authors: Captain George Galdorisi (U.S. Navy – Retired), Ms. Amanda George, Mr. Michael Morris, Ms. Angela Bowers

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Paper 071

Abstract Title: Seeing is believing; hearing is understanding: Building real trust through virtual tools
Point of Contact (POC): Arild Bergh
POC Email Address: arild.bergh@ffi.no
POC Phone Number: +47 63 80 73 27
POC Organization: Norwegian Defence Research Establishment
Country: Norway
Authors: Bergh, Arild - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

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Paper 086

Title: Bringing new arrangements to C2 – Experiments with social information
Point of Contact (POC): Bard Reitan
POC Email Address: bard.reitan@ffi.no
POC Phone Number: +47 63 80 77 35
POC Organization: Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)
Country: Norway
Authors: Reitan, Bard K - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)
Darisiro, Ramin - The Norwegian Defence University College
Elstad, Ann-Kristin - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)
Gran, Cecilie Jackbo - Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI)

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Paper 095

Title: Increasing trust in network situation awareness
Point of Contact (POC): Regine Lecocq
POC Email Address: Regine.Lecocq@drdc-rddc.gc.ca
POC Phone Number: 1-418-844-4000 ext.: 4124
POC Organization: Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier
Country: Canada
Authors: Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier:
Lavigne Valérie - Lecocq Régine - Martineau Étienne – Mokhtari Marielle

(Full Paper Here)

Paper 111

Title: Command and Control in Multiteam Systems: Measuring and Building Trust between People and Groups
Point of Contact (POC): Michael R. Hieb
POC Email Address: mhieb@c4i.gmu.edu
POC Phone Number: 703-993-3990
POC Organization: George Mason University
Country: USA
Authors: Michael R. Hieb

(Full Abstract Here)

Paper 123

Title: Moving from C2 Agility from a theory to a NATO Practice
Point of Contact (POC): Bulent Soykan
POC Email Address: bulent.soykan@act.nato.int
POC Phone Number: 757-773-8487
POC Organization: NATO HQ SACT
Country: NATO
Authors: Bulent Soykan, NATO HQ SACT
Dr. David S. Alberts, IDA

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