Topic 12: ISR for Decision Making

This topic addresses how ISR support to operations will evolve in concert with C2 adaptations to emerging threats, new technologies, and the velocity of information. Papers should explore how future intelligence analysis processes, tools, and /or technologies will enable agile decision making across scales and organizational boundaries. Of particular interest are concepts that extend beyond "conventional" temporal, geo-spatial, and network-based representation of data.

Paper 004

Title: Applying Multi-sensor Information Fusion Technology to Problems of National Defense in the Complicated Social, Information, And Communication Environment
Point of Contact (POC): John Younker
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 678-223-3205
POC Organization: Sensor Fusion Technology
Country: US
Authors: Dr. Buddy H Juen, John Younker

(Full Paper Here)

Paper 094

Title: Rethinking Command and Control of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
Point of Contact (POC): Nicholas P. Cowan
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: +49(0)6371-47-7901
POC Organization: 450th Intelligence Squadron
Country: USA
Authors: Nicholas Coway

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Paper 109

Title: Strategic Planning and Tactical Situational Awareness using MECH
Point of Contact (POC): Jyh-Charn Liu
POC Email Address:
POC Phone Number: 979 845 8739
POC Organization: Computer Science & Engineering Department of TAMU
Country: USA
Authors: Jason Lin, Benke Qu, Xing Wang, Stephen George, Jyh-Charn Liu,

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