18th ICCRTS Proceedings 

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Track 2: Approaches and Organizations

Chairs: Keith Stewart & Philip Farrell


[006] Preparing Capable Decision Makers for an Uncertain Future Within Underdeveloped, Degraded and Denied Operational Environments

BRYANT, Russell E. 
- Integrated Warfare System (Program Executive Office)

Paper - Presentation


[034] C2 Approaches: Looking for the Sweet Spot

ALBERTS, David S. 
- Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA)

BERNIER, Francois 
- Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier

CHAN, Kevin 
- US Army Research Laboratory

MANSO, Marco 
- SAS-085 Member

Paper - Presentation


[109] Agility in Command and Control in a Multinational Exercise

MEIJER, Marten 
- Command and Control Center of Excellence

Paper - Presentation


[112] SAS-085 C2 Agility Model Validation Using Case Studies

FARRELL, Philip S.E. 
- Defence R&D Canada - Toronto

BAISINI, Claudia 
- Swedish National Defence College

BELANGER, Micheline
- Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier

HENSHAW, Michael
- Loughborough University

- Royal Danish Defence College

- Swedish National Defence College

Paper - Presentation