Track 9

Sessions 4A 8A 9A 13A 14A

Experimentation, Analysis, Assessment and Metrics

Chairs: Jade Freeman / Adrienne Raglin 

Session 4A

Paper 51 Darius Jefferson, Andre Harrison and Mark Dennison - MEAP 2: An Update to MEAP for Streaming Data paper presentation

Paper 58 Andre Harrison, Michael Green, Chou Hung and Adrienne Raglin - The Consistency of Visual Search Models on High Dynamic Range and Tone Mapped Images paper presentation

Paper 15 Frank Johnsen, Trude Bloebaum, Norman Jansen, Gerome Bovet, Marco Manso, Andrew Toth and Kevin Chan - Evaluating Publish/Subscribe Standards for Situational Awareness using Realistic Radio Models and Emulated Testbed paper presentation

Session 8A

Paper 19 David Connell and Ahmed Ghamni - Information Related Capabilities: Targeting Cycle Experimentation and Analysis paper presentation

Paper 21 Regina Joseph, Marieke Klaver, Judith van de Kuijt and Diederik van Luijk Training and evaluating cyber analytical expertise paper presentation

Paper 75 Somiya Metu, Adrienne Raglin and Dawn Lott - Automation of IoT based Decision Making with Uncertainty paper presentation

Session 9A

Paper 9 Timothy Darr, Daniel Houser, Jianxin Wang and Richard Mayer Time-pressure improves decisions in generalized Colonel Blotto games paper presentation

Paper 62 Magdalena Granåsen, Gazmend Huskaj and Stefan Varga - Data Collection and Research in CDXs - Command and Control, Cyber Situational Awareness and Intelligence Perspectives on Cyber Defense paper presentation

Paper 54 Erin Zaroukian - Automated information extraction to facilitate comprehension across text difficulty levels paper presentation

Session 13A

Paper 38 Gilles Desclaux - Reading the Mind of the Enemy through an Augmented Multi-Domain CCIR Process paper presentation

Paper 49 James Michaelis - Platforms for Assessment of Content Prioritization in C3I GIS Systems paper presentation

Paper 56 Björn Johansson, Oscar Bjurling, Jacob Weilandt, David Alberts and Mats Carlerby - An initial assessment of the Endeavour space dimensions paper presentation

Session 14A

Paper 70 Craig Bleile - A Method to Model a Digital Network Supporting Mission Type Orders for Command and Control in a Contested Environment paper presentation