Track 7

Sessions 4A and 12A

Human Information Interaction

Chair:  Adrienne Raglin

 Paper 26 - Mark Mittrick, John Richardson, Timothy Hanratty, Michael McGuire and Joyram Chakraborty - Measuring the Effects of Augmented Visualizations Through Eye Gaze Tracking paper presentation

Paper 28 - Nico Bau, Michael Gerz, Fahrettin Gökgöz, Hans-Christian Schmitz, Daniel Mück, Sven Endres and Sylvia Käthner - A Newsfeed for C2 Situational Awareness paper presentation

Paper 44 - Derrik Asher, Sean Barton and Erin Zaroukian - Adapting the Predator-Prey Game Theoretic Environment to Army Tactical Edge Scenarios with Computational Multiagent Systems paper presentation

Paper 45 - Andre Harrison, Darius Jefferson, Adrienne Raglin, Brian Jalaian and Michael Lee - A survey of feature space reduction methods for context aware processing in IoBT networks paper presentation

Paper 48 - Alexandre Bergeron Guyard - A Contextual Query and Analysis Framework for Heterogeneous Unstructured Text paper presentation

Paper 49 - Douglas Summers-Stay, Adrienne Raglin and Dandan Li - Reasoning with Vector-Based Knowledge Representations paper presentation

Paper 54 - Allison Newcomb, Jason Ellis and Travis Parker - Blending Software Agents with Human Network Defense Teams paper presentation

Paper 59 - Gregory ShearerIntegrating Human Knowledge in a Semi-Autonomous Prioritization System: An Approach for Improving Network Intrusion Detection Efficiency paper presentation